meme! :D

sooo... after some pretty long absence from lj I'm back ;)
and obviously I start with a meme ;D

song meme
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) five songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

stellaluna_  gave me the letter S.

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stolen from sithandra
>> If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to claw you to shreds!
When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you <<

Maunz =°-°=

So...I'm back from an awesome weekend with Funghi, Chibi, Bea, Vanny, Thilo, Jensi, Vroni, .... yeah get the idea, lots of ni~~~~ce ppl :3 (and my bro's kinda right, most nicks end on an "i" O-o)
I watched a few episodes of Gargoyles with Chübilein (the love *o*) and I wanna watch the whole series again ToT
hooray for nostalgia XD
and when everyone else left saturday night, from funghi's belated birthday party, Funghi, Bea, Vanny and I talked 'til almost 6 am  XD
literally about "Gott und die Welt" *chuckles*
(down with the "Checka-Kindaz" >____<)
I woke up at 10 am and we had breakfast together and then Funghi and her dad drove me to the train station which is where the horrors of my weekends always begin >-<
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And I phoned the guy from the company where I tried to get a "trainee position" (dunno what you call it in English)
and...he wasn't there =_=
So... I have to try again tomorrow. I really really really hope I'll get my answer tomorrow...and that it'll be a positive one X|
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Anger management...

I'm just so PISSED OFF at the moment!
One should think, people who're dealing with "art" on an every-day basis SHOULD have learned to be a BIT more careful with it than THAT.
I really don't know any insult that seems to encompass all of my feelings toward these...these... fu**ing stupid and absolutely *gaah* people -.-*
Oh, I got the package with my portfolio, everything pretty much ok...I mean, I already thought it had a dog-ear and was a bit grumpy. But when I unwrapped the thing... I was... no... I  AM just really really pissed off.
They got my pictures WET! I could've...just... strangled someone!
AND I know that it wasn't even the bloody mail's fault. Cause the wrapping paper definitley wasn't wet.... ever...
Which just means that those people at that arts school screwed it up -.-*
Half of the pictures looked as if I could just burn them.
I tried to iron them. It's kinda ok now... but most of them still won't be going into another portfolio. >_<
OH and not only did someone along the way SOAK them, no, they were even too stupid to put them back into the portfolio without getting a few crumpled at the corners -.-*
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Jingle bells, jingle bells...

...jingle all the way. *sing*
Ceren's fault! Everything... really ! XD
Like... watching Sailor Moon... singing Jingle Bells in summer or Beatles songs... and eating croquettes with nutella for breakfast.

I was kinda scary, back when I was still a fan ._.
It's what I thought while watching SM. 'Cuz honestly, I'd die from all the sugary-pink romance-shit going on in that series if I'd ever watch all of it again.
and... I'm quite the masochist for doing exactly that XD (And, my dear bestest half, you are so going to suffer with me, shouldn't have mentioned that  you never watched Sailor Moon... *fg*)
But this is so... nostalgic. It's a bit like when I played Secret of Evermore with my cousin not so long ago... and after that we started to play Ultima 8. Digging up old things (TV series, books, games, music...) seems to be my theme for this half of the year. X3

So...what I actually wanted to write: All of my portfolios are where they're supposed to be.
And the Augsburger campus actually looked pretty nice. When I went to Mannheim I thought that I'd get lost on their campus. Didn't feel comfy at all. But in Augsburg I felt as if I could actually get used to it pretty fast.
But... yeah well... I still have to see how things turn out.
And I don't know how often we (Ceren and me) said how much we hate to ride the train on Friday. The DB screws up almost every time. I mean, we were already late when our train left the station in Augsburg. Which obviously means that the next train we'd have had to take had already left when we arrived at the station. But yeah...  same old... >_>

And I couldn't sleep in on Saturday :(
We drove to Stuttgart to visit my sis. Or it was more like: to go shopping for my cousin's wedding.
Well... I discovered that I should pick things for my mom to try on. It's just so much easier. XD (and I don't have to spend so much time on shopping this way.)
And it's just SO like us (my sis and me) to buy ice-cream just to discover, that we need a SPOON to eat said ice-cream, hence having to buy a spoon. Yeah. We bought  a spoon so we could eat the ice-cream we bought. ^^*
I wanted to write more about Stuttgart but somehow I forgot everything I had in mind. ._.
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And o~~~~n with the fangirling....

Damn, I really love this movie. The Boondock Saints must be one of my all-time favourites.
Just now I'm watching it for... like... the 15th time? XD
I can NEVER get enough of Connor and Murph *_*
They're eyecandy... which is still rather an understatement.
I think of all the movies I ever watched, this is the only one I'll still love after the 100th time. And I can't even say what about it I love so much. Sure, those two alone would probably make me watch it over and over again, cuz honestly... so HOT! XD
But it's funny like... I can never get enough of the rope-scene XD
it's SO hilarious. Or the thing with the cat? Almost laughing my ass off everytime. (yeah, I have a mean an morbid sense of humour, but who cares? *g* Ein Männlein steht im Walde... *sing*)
I just love it. Period.
I guess that sums it up best XD
But I have to say one thing: watching it in English is difficult. Really... I mean...they're dialect/accent (?) is SEXY, but... difficult to understand =_=
If I didn't know that movie by heart I'd probably have a lot of difficulties with understanding what they'Re saying.
And I love they're tats *_* *melts*

Besides... there's something about the "religion"-parts that just facinates me. I mean... I'm not a believer, but any form of religion and the fanatism that comes with it is fascinating. What ppl believe or are kinda "made" to believe... it's just... yeah well...interesting ^^*
(btw. I'm not trying to offend anyone with this. I just don't believe in the stuff, you can believe whatever you want ppl. I'm not telling you what to believe and you're not telling me what to believe and we're fine.)

So~~~... what else to tell... not much I guess XD
I've been doing pretty much nothign besides doing stuff for my portfolios and  helping my sis at putitng our songs for the middle-ages festival together ^^
oh yeah...and buying fabric for the dresse *fufufufu* I'll so LOVE my dress X3
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